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Community group aims to revitalize thousands of trees lost in Maui wildfires. Duane Sparkman, Maui County Arborist Committee Chairman and Founder of Treecovery, joined 'First at 4' live.

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Maui County

Duane Sparkman, Chairman of the Maui County Arborist Committee, explains the markings on trees within the Lahaina burn zone. The blue dots are the most recent markings from contractor Dawson, composed of professional, local arborists who understand tropical trees.
“When you see the blue dot, that means they've been there,” says Sparkman. “If you see the blue arch with orange tags that means that tree will not survive and is slated for removal.”
Tree removal will occur during the debris removal phase.
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250-year-old Ulu tree on Maui needs help after Lahaina fire

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Duane Sparkman, a project manager with the non-profit Treecovery Hawaii, is leading the committee of professionals. “What we’re trying to do right now is corralling the teams. There’s a lot of effort and interest coming from the entire country. We’re trying to bring everyone into one group and figure out what the Lāhainā community envisions for the future of their treescape.”

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Civil Beat

Duane Sparkman, chair of the Maui County Arborist Committee, co-founded a nonprofit tree-growing and reforestation organization called Treecovery Hawaii that aims to provide every owner of burned property in Lahaina and Kula with fruit trees free of charge when they are ready to rebuild their homes.

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